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About Us

We source pure premium lots of natural  Arabica cultivars from master growers who practice responsible land stewardship by  NOT using Pesticides, man-made fertilizers or herbicides of any kind.  All of our coffees come from small farms and cooperative unions where the workers are valued, empowered and rewarded.  We guarantee clear traceability, sustainability and responsibility in our supply chain.   Strongtree is Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA and Rainforest Alliance Certified.  We have focused exclusively on shade grown certified coffees since 1999.

Strongtree follows the time honored, traditional methods of our craft to capture and enhance the true flavor of the coffee bean.
Our focus is on YOUR great coffee experience through careful selection of premium beans, traditional small batch Probat
 roasting, hand packaging and personalized service. By putting care into the entire process from seed to cup, we know you’ll taste a difference.

Welcome to the next level in Specialty Coffee.

Strongtree Coffee is:

  • 100% Premium Natural Arabica grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides  or salt or chemical based fertilizers. Hand grown, hand picked and naturally processed.
  • Small batch,  analog roasted to order (no robots or computers).
  • Hand packed immediately after roasting in stay fresh bags.
  • GMO free, heirloom cultivars.
  • Ethically traded, independently certified 
    (by Fair Trade/Transfair, Rainforest Alliance,  Smithsonian Bird Friendly).
  • Origin verifiable and traceable: from seed to cup.